D214 Retirees

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If you are no longer getting emails from us:

This would be because your membership dues are 3 or more years in arrears. If you would like to be REINSTATED, please email membership@d214retirees.org and you will receive instructions to get "back on the list." We hope you renew and rejoin your friends and colleagues.



  1. If you are a retiree of D214 (in ANY capacity) please contact membership@d214retirees.org to join. Dues tri-annually (every 3 years) $15 and your first year of retirement is free.

Need Help?

  1. Membership questions or to update/change your info: membership@d214retirees.org
  2. Other questions: admin@d214retirees.org
  3. Retiree News?: news@d214retirees.org



  1. Get togethers:
    September = "Celebrate Retirement" Spring = "Welcome to Spring Social"
  2. Newsletters sent out via eBlast 3x yearly
  3. Directory sent out each November (via eBlast link or mail for those who canNOT do email)
  4. In Memoriam - Those we have lost